TheRealPATRIOT (For the LOVE of my country)

(For the LOVE of my country)

THE REAL PATRIOT ( For the LOVE of my country!)

“…The real patriots are not those who curse and speak ills of their motherland, nor the hopeless who have given up but those who in spite of the negativity, still chooses to take up the fight to the gate of the enemies, conquering first on their knees, then proceeding to establish the same victory in every area of their individual and national lives…”

The very first act of patriotism is to vehemently resist the psychological shackles imposes, either seen or unseen by the evil mechanisms working through any form of leadership to create a dysfunctional state.

Therefore, we will not relent until our destinies as a people and nation come to fruition

Oo Greed you have birthed your evil child among us, yes you have nurtured your monster to grow among us and now we are battling your seed of yesteryears who have become one of the major banes of this nation. 

Your virus is contagious faster than that of COVID 19, and at the same time steal the soul and corrupt the humane part of your infected.

Be it known unto you, that your time is near, your seed of corruption and selfishness will be uprooted if not in this generation, the one next will molest your grandchildren everywhere they show up….

That which was precious to our heart, you have stolen, killed, and destroy, but there will come a time in this nation, you will matter no more. You and lovers shall be wiped out without traces. Even in posterity, your lovers would be ashamed for their names to be mentioned.

I see a new dawn, a new nation!

Imagination is a gift of nature to help you paint a dream world, 

Never say never, Nigeria is not irredeemable, she only just requires men of steel, will and character with great vision to steer the wheel of the nation.

 Let’s use our imagination to paint the new nation you and I desire. A New Nigeria of our dream…

Arise O, Compatriots, Nigeria’s Obey

To serve our fatherland…

I see the dawn of a new day..

Where the real patriots of this nation shall not be those who have given up but those who have not, in spite of all these, they refuse to yield to the oppressive forces of the land.

The real patriots are those after listening to this, will use all platforms to air their voices to speak against the oppression of the land.

To serve our father’s land

 with love, and strength and faith

There comes a generation of Patriots with the spirit of service to our dear nation, with passion and love for others, with the strength of character and faith in God 

The Labour of our heroes past 

Shall never be in vain…

I see a new Nigeria where our collective resources will not be stolen by a few miscreants either by virtue of being elected or appointed to a political office.

I see a new Nigeria where future elections shall not be rigged nor violence be embrace to steal the mandate of the people.

I see the new dawn, a new Nigeria where the lives of every citizen matters

Where justice and equity reigns

Where the voice of the oppression will strike a chord in the conscience of the oppressors.

I see a new Nigeria where the strong will protect the weak and the rich will be willing to share with the poor. 

I see a new dawn in Nigeria, where the ethnic and religious sentiment will not be highly exalted than the sacred lives of her citizen

No blood of the citizens of this nation is worthy to be shed 

GOD bless the Federal Republic Of NIGERIA

(Excerpt from the NIGERIA! Behold Your Bride Podcast)



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