The Christianity of today is the preaching of passive comfortability in slavery. Eating crumbs in shackles. Just living by and by and avoiding a head-on collation with the controlling forces of the land. Many Christians have become comfortable in a strange land and deny the power of their lord God to deliver. 

They have denied the power thereof and turned Christianity to the ordinary routine religion just as other religions. This type of Christianity is what makes people at ease in Zion as long as they can get by, getting comfortable with my family and I, it is over.
Christianity has denied the power of the gospel when the scripture says, preaching of the gospel is the POWER of God unto salvation. It is a power dimension that releases people from bondage and sets the captive free. It is the power dimension that commands the enemy to bow because the Bible says by the reason of your power shall your enemy submit. We are only too comfortable to only explore the giving dimension of God to meet our daily bread or needs every day not exploring the dimension of the power and thy kingdom come and as a matter of fact, thy kingdom come in our lord prayer comes before Give us this day our daily bread. We are so much engulfed in our daily bread and seem not to be interested in thy kingdom come on earth and thy will be done earth thereby denying the opportunity to demonstrate the power of God to establish his will on earth.
For thine is the power, the kingdom and the glory should be the ultimate focus of the children of God to explore the power dimension to God to liberate or humiliate the oppressive forces of the children of God both at the individual, national, and at the global scale. 
Every man of God who desires to speak truth to power must possess or be filled with the power of the Truth. He is the TRUTH, this Truth is not information, He is a Person with personalities. 
Many Churches these days only focus on events and programs to advertise their churches or to gather more funds and many other frivolous activities that have nothing to do with expanding the frontiers of the kingdom of God. The present GOs are amassing wealth and building magnificent edifices in conjunction with building schools for profit maximization on one hand with the gospel and another with entrepreneurship activities for the church to be economically viable. Yes, it is a good idea and God also interested in showering his resources on his people because He owns the thousand of cattle on the hills, silver, and gold are his own and he will give his people but what is the essence of achieving all these without the power and ability to secure lives and properties of your people. No government in the world will not take the security of lives and properties seriously in the 21st century, especially protecting the territorial integrity of their nation. The governments of the world spend or budget huge sums for acquiring modern-day weapons of war and skills to deploy at any simple threat because they know the importance of Power to secure their territory. As a matter of fact, the world power today at the UN security seat earns this seat as a result of the power they possess through their diverse weapons of war they have. Is this not telling the Christians anything? Even Israel, the race through which the Messiah came cannot afford to stand aloof. Yes they may not accept the message and personality of Jesus but historically it cannot be denied that a man walked through their land over 2000 years ago nor will they deny the historical background of Moses and the Egyptian experience. They are more secure in power than to allow their enemy to toy with their lives and their nation. 
This is just to point us to the significance of power to secure our territory and not just to do miracles, it’s myopic when all that the Christians including the GOs are seeking are just to do miracles and bringing people into the kingdom which we call evangelism that necessitates many GOs to buy aircraft and building wealth without exploring the dimension of Power on a national scale to warn the enemies of the Kingdom. 
Yes, as long as I agree with accountability and transparency of the church’s financial status, I believe this frivolous life of opulence has relegated the essence and usefulness of the church to the lowest ebbs in this country. If the church in this nation has played a kingdom power dimension on a national scale, just like the experience of Elijah to the King Ahab and the calling down of fire dimension on the mount camel, I believe any govt will tread softly with the church. The passivity of the church has brought this ridicule unto the name of God and it now looks as if we are serving a dead and powerless God. It is now assumed it is also part of the religion of the land. Do you know the prophetic implication of what transpired on the mount of transfiguration with Jesus’ encounter with the two fierce prophets of God? As I meditate as a result of anger in me because of the docility of the church and misplaced priority of chasing the wealth of God without corresponding power to demonstrate the realities of the God, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to this insight that, Jesus Christ whom the church proclaimed to follow today possesses the two power of these two just men made perfect and at any required time He can operate in their dimension and not just limit his power only to doing miracles, healing and supplying material needs of his people. His power dimension must also be displayed on a national scale to conquer evil in the land. Moses challenged the authority of his days as a result of divine backing and that formed the pedestrian upon which the journey of Israel into emancipation was initiated. GOD instructed Moses to face the god of the land in Pharaoh and he did and conquered because the people of the land saw the reality of the power of true God. No matter how comfortable the church seems to accumulate wealth without the ability to demonstrate the realities of their God, their wealth will be run over at any time the pharaoh of the land desires. It’s like a slave working hard to own things forgetting the fact he who owns the slave owns his belongings. Let the church be reborn and change the dimension of their operation. GOD is dynamic and also multifaceted. He is the Jehovah Jireh, the supernatural provider and also he is the Jehovah Man of War. He chooses whatever personality that is suitable for any circumstances he finds himself. He is gentle and kind but also is a consuming fire and that aspect we only limit it family enemies and village people battling the destinies of church members but not on a national and global scale.
Elijah as a one-man battalion held the weather condition of the entire land to his command and the king feared him. Even the military with all their arsenals. He screamed if I be a man of God, let Fire consume the captain of fifty and they all became barbeque until one of them approached him with common sense and the bible says, this man is of liked passion but our own people goes about with entourage and convo of cars just to display how wealthy God is but failed to display how powerful God can be. Moses said let these people die the kind of death that has never been heard or seen before and it was so. And the bible says if the old testament under which all these Moses and Elijah operated was not faulted, there would not have been a need for the new testament which encapsulated us the new species of godmen. Even the wind and sea obeyed him, was the testimonies of Jesus and he said greater things shall you do. It is time for the church to leave the myopic approach of displaying the life of opulence and wealth because God is more willing to show and demonstrate his power to trample upon the enemies and not the little witches or demons from the village people but taking battle head-on, on a larger scale with the gods of the land. The spirit that works in the children of disobedience, the power of the prince of the air and the spiritual wickedness in the high places and these are the spirit working in all the bodily agent in different position in this land occupying different offices just to initiate the agenda of the enemies over our lives and nations as a whole. The church is called to stand against the wiles of the devil at a larger scale most especially the church organization whom God has lifted beyond the bread level should spread the kingdom life to the high place of the political offices not just to be gaining material favour from officeholders and leave the smaller churches for fighting the village people and little demons affecting individual lives.  
If God gives power to get wealth, He also gives power to thread up serpents and scorpions; and power to destroy the works of the devil etc. It is the dimension of interest in our hearts that he yields to. We are in the days of his power and his people shall be willing. What it means is that, God will be able to have his ways among his people seamlessly and also his enemies shall also submit to him effortlessly. 
In the days of his powers, the church will accomplish tremendous feats to defeat the enemies of the church in whatever form. It was the gimmick of the devil to always want to emphasize that Christian are not supposed to retaliate when slapped. Yes, I agree but God has given us tremendous power to deal with the enemy. This same devil will also mute the voice of the children of God to remind them the scripture that says, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. So he plays a gimmick on everyone just to confuse the entire church. The church must be sensitive to know when they should launch out on the offensive and when they should fight back in a defensive format. These are all military strategies to tackle enemies. Many children of God or even the church doesn’t seem to understand that we are in battle or at the battlefront hence we only interested in wealth accumulation to compensate the live of poverty many have lived over the years and to also prove to the heathen that God can turn ordinary man from nothing to something but we are not willing to demonstrate his realities through his power to the heathen so they can fear and reference God as a consuming fire. 
I watched a clip of a very popular movie series named “Games of throne” Lord Benny man was talking  to Queen Sessie saying “Knowledge is Power’ but she countered him immediately saying ” Power is Power”  it belongs to those who can weighed it not just the type of power to know without the ability to control or weighed it.  To be continued!!!

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