Nigeria Must Bless-Me!

NIGERIA-MUST-BLESS-ME! (A Virtual Platform)

(A Virtual Platform)

NIGERIA MUST BLESS-ME! (A Virtual Platform)

(A Celestial Dimension & Exposures, A 45 minutes of life-changing prayer exclusively for unrepentant patriots. Be prepared!)

Nigeria isn’t just a geographical location or an abstract concept! But an unseen entity with features of an existing personality. If it is unseen, then it is spiritual. Life itself is spiritual! Full of unseen elements warring against the destinies of men and that of a nation.
NIGERIA as a nation has been battered, looted, and plundered to stupor and now in a state of comatose perhaps waiting for the cold hand of death which we strongly believe will never come because of the advent of the real patriots.

Arise! O’Compatriot… Nigeria’s Call Obey

“…The real patriots are not those who curse and speak ills of their motherland,

nor the hopeless who have given up but those who in spite of the negativity,

still chooses to take up the fight to the gate of the enemies, conquering first

 on their knees, then proceeding to establish the same victory in every area

of their individual and national lives…”

The very first act of patriotism is to vehemently resist the psychological shackles imposes, either seen or unseen by the evil mechanisms working through any form of national leaders to create a dysfunctional state.

Therefore, we will not relent until our destinies as a people and nation come to fruition.

Join Us on October 1st, 2020, and let’s walk through the land pulling down strongholds and set at liberty individual destinies.

Time: 11:00 Am

Join the meeting through the link HERE!

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