Nigeria! Behold Your Bride

NIGERIA!Behold Your Bride

NIGERIA!Behold Your Bride


(A Sympathetic Exposit from a Patriotic Perspective)


  • To steer up another train of thought in our subconsciousness to view Nigeria nation, not as an abstract concept or ordinary geographical location rather as an entity or a person with a personality.
  • To inspire this generation to make a moral judgement in their right perspective to judge Nigeria nation fairly if she is seen to be a person, we can all relate with.
  • To activate the spirit of true patriotism towards our nation, re-orientating the citizen that true patriotism is not to betray the Nigerian nation when she is dare need of our understanding and support. Also to assure her in respect losing many of her resources to uncircumcised and uncovenanted citizens, there are still some of her children that will still stand and proclaim their love for her not because of what to gain but as a filial responsibility required from a true child or bond of blood which exist among families.
  • To ignite our heart to dream again and see the new dawn ahead of us and to reiterate that if you cannot see the new nation ahead, you are not permitted to get there.


Nigeria as a nation has been battered and ripped off on every side. She is not beautiful to behold as a result of scars which has been inflicted on her by her slave masters and having handed her with her fractured bones did not help matters because her new predators continue to rip and rape her till she entered a state of comatose waiting for death to take her soul home. Yet the death has refuted her wishes perhaps because of perpetual rays of light that beam from bloodline offspring who have been in waiting for such a time like this to rescue from the grip of her predators.

Her oppressors are not those from far away distance rather from within her contractual marriage which has trapped her and bestowed her inheritances into the hands of those who claimed to love and have her interest at heart without knowing that they are wolves in sheep’s clothes.

They openly confess her love with their mouth while they squander her wealth on their selfish appetite without considering her children and the future of her unborn children.

NIGERIA is metaphorically described as a beautiful bride who was betrothed to her suitor who subtly sought her hand from her illiterate and uneducated parent with soothing words of care attached with a trojan gift claimed to be from the royal stool of foreign land with a secret aim of plundering her inheritances handed from generation to generation by her progenitors to her immediate parent.

She was handed with the hope of a better future, but little did they know it was a vague promised and intent to future loot her natural endowment. On achieving this ungodly solemnization, she was furthered ripped off of her dignity of womanhood and reduced to a common cash cow who only being milked to feed the unbridled appetite of her foreign suitor till she produced her present children who are neck dipped into their ethnic chauvinism and religious bias without considering their blood lineage that could have been their hallmark of unity and a formidable reason to stand together to combat the external influence from their paternity side who was assumed to have put their mother into the present predicament.


The Nigeria bride is assumed to be a feminine gender, Mother of all, who birthed citizens of the Nigerian state today. She is assumed to be the mother earth who produces to feed humanity hence, we view Nigeria state as a woman who has been endowed with the capacity to birth other human race both male and female gender.

Through the work of imagination, the Nigeria bride is assumed to be a beautiful bride, a woman, mother, daughter, and sister who have been raped, manhandled, looted, and plundered and the dignity of her womanhood has been eroded through the conspiracy and greedy appetite of strangers who parade themselves as family and friends.

This creative friction seeks to awaken the imagination of citizens of Nigeria to view their nation not as an abstract concept or ordinary geographical location rather a personified entity, a type of person with a characteristic of a human being. And until when the Nigeria bride is viewed as an existing entity before she can be rescued from her slaver drivers. Until she raises up in our imagination with a descriptive picture to illustrate her current travails, before her rescue mission can be ignited within the consciousness of her children.


In this imaginary work, the Nigeria bride is ascribed to be a mother. A mother is someone who labour to birth a child. This figurative expression seeks to illustrate the feminine figure of a mother who labour to give birth to her children and no matter what when such a mother falls short or fails in her responsibility, does not mean the children should fail in their filial duty towards her. No matter the circumstance, no child or children will stand and watch their mother being molested, naked, or humiliated without standing up to defend her womanhood even in her state of failed duty. As true Nigerians, such children are not expected to justify their negligence and condemnation, rather, sympathy and forgiveness must flow from their hearts towards their mother. At that moment of decision, it is cultural and filial responsibility to defend her pride.


If Nigeria bride is described as a wife what will be your imaginary picture of her if she was kidnapped, raped, and dehumanized by unscrupulous elements while you watch helplessly. Do you think such a woman deserves your blame and abuses or even curses as many citizens condemn the Nigeria nation today? or she deserves sympathy, love, and nourishment to nurse her wound till she is able to stand up again. Such is the pathetic state of our nation currently and this is what we endeavor to depict to the citizenry. A retrospective of the past, present, and a clarion call to action to ignite the spirit of patriotism once again in us with a civil responsibility to defend our nation both within our locality and beyond the chores of this nation.


We consciously intend to press the GREEN BUTTON to ignite and awake the GREEN SPIRIT of our dear citizens once again. This work seeks to appeal to our humanity and civil responsibility as Nigeria citizens to act in uniformity with the national anthem which seeks our allegiance to building a nation where peace and justice shall reign. The national anthem of this nation must be embraced at all levels even if possible, must always be sermonized to the hearing of this present generation and the coming one.  


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