AN ISSUE OF BLOOD….. W h e n L i f e T h r o w s a D a r t !!!

When Life Throws a Dart at you!!!

AN ISSUE OF BLOOD….W h e n  L i f e  T h r o w s  a  D a r t At You  ! ! !


Matthew 9:20 (KJV) And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:
Many at times God wants to open our eyes of understanding to the prophetic dimension of his word as it relates to our day to day affairs of life and the Holy Spirit is ever ready to unveil the hidden treasure of his word through a deeper fellowship and meditation with him.

As I was meditating, Holy Spirit began to unfold a deeper mystery on the ISSUE OF BLOOD, and not long, he opened my understanding to another dimension on the issues of life that militate against our day to day encounter as we are on the voyage of destiny fulfillment.

In the above scripture, the Bible asked us to BEHOLD! meaning to stop and ponder! to meditate, to reason, and to internalize this woman who was DISEASED with ISSUE OF BLOOD! There were three key words Holy Spirit drew my attention to. Behold, Diseased, and Issue of Blood.

This woman is a sampling sample of the covenant children of Abraham who are currently going through diverse issues as regards their lives. 
ISSUES can be described as normal day to day challenges on our pathway in the journey of life. They are the challenges that confront us in all areas of life. For example, when people say that woman does not have an ISSUE. it, therefore means the challenge of the woman is barrenness i.e. no fruit of the womb. Sometimes, someone can be described as having issues in whatever areas of life which means that a particular person is having challenges confronting him or her in whatever areas. And many at times, whenever we read this particular verse, what mostly comes to our mind was the woman that has an issue with her monthly period. Yes! it was truly a challenge in the area of health and Jesus healed her but the deeper message and understanding were limited and narrowed down only to her healing relating to her health challenge therefore many of us could not benefit from the complete juicy message Holy Spirit was trying to bring out.

The ISSUE here symbolically represents our day to day challenges while the BLOOD here represents LIFE. And the Bible says the life of man is in the blood. Therefore, the bible connoted or coded her challenge as ISSUE OF BLOOD which indirectly relating to challenges we are all passing through day to day. The prophetic dimension of this was that, what the woman brought to Jesus wasn’t the monthly period rather it was the issues of her life, it was the tiring issues of what has made her to be ashamed for several years. Whatever that limit your fulfillment, joy and hindrances to your life assignment are categorized as life challenges and if that woman could encounter favour with Christ, you are next in turn to encounter Jesus (Amen). 

The WOMAN here symbolizes a motherly figure, who has ability to produce or bear children, just as the bible says when Zion travails she brings forth her child! (Isaiah 54:1,66:7) She symbolically represented a travailing woman because what she was about to encounter was highly coded for the future generation to benefit not only in the area of health but in all aspects of their lives. it played out as the bible described as sin entered into the world through a man Adam the father of mankind, so also through a man righteousness entered into the world through Jesus the second Adam. So also the similitude of this woman is her representation of all those who would have issues of life or who are currently having diverse issues affecting their lives one way or the other. She represents all those generation that would summon faith from within saying if I may but touch the helm of his garment… What God is saying to one he is saying to all. Note Jesus wasn’t looking for those who are trumping on him day and night without having divine encounter or precise experience from him rather those whose hunger and thirst are daring enough to tear down any wall standing between them and their savior. Those who are desperate enough to pull down the garment of Jesus if he appears once again, those who are passionate enough to drag his garment to cover their shame and nakedness. I declare no matter who you are or where you are today,  you would not only touch the helm of his garment but passionately snatch out his entire robe that is full enough to cover your shame and nakedness in Jesus’s name. The people trumping over him daily are the people who are already familiar with him and his protocols. THEY ARE NOT TOUCHING HIM NEITHER WOULD THEY ALLOW OTHERS WHO ARE DESPERATE TO TOUCH HIM. Don’t expect you would touch him easily! NO! not at all. You must press further, you must push others to create space and chances for yourself to encounter him if need be. You must make up your mind and resolved today, I must grab his entire robe to have a change of raiment. Remember, somebody, pull the helm of a particular prophet and his kingdom, and life was torn with it but not with Jesus. Even his whole garment was stolen and torn among the soldiers revealing how gracious his garment was. You must resolve in your heart with “Touch I must touch” kind of spirit and with that kind of passion, you would have your encounter.

For 12 YEARS she has been at it symbolizing all tribe of Israel, representing the totality of all spiritual Israelite including you and me today. This also representing 12 calendar month which signifies all through the year and remember, in a year we also have all seasons wrapped up in it and by that, it therefore means no matter the seasons you are going through or which you may be, it was all represented in her travails. Whatever season of life it may seem you are now, bring all the issues of your life to HIM, as he proclaimed COME UNTO ME ALL YE THAT LABOUR…… Matthew 11:28!

He is still waiting for you, he is beckoning to you, will you run towards him? he is able to save and deliver from whatever issues of life you are facing this day. And as you run towards him resolve in your heart to have a divine and definite encounter today and I can bet, you would go back home with joy filling your heart. 

I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade’ADEGBESAN 

I am the TONGUE of the LEARNED….!!! I am DPARTAKER!!!

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