DPartakers Kingdom over the years had metamorphosed into different expressions as to achieve the big picture as commanded by the LORD. And these are as follow;  

1. The TONGUE of the LEARNED

2. The PEN of the LEARNED



5. DE’ACT.. read more



In view of our vision, we are set to take over with the following evangelical strategies which are as follows;

  1. DE’ACT is an acronym of DPARTAKERS EVANGELICAL ART & CREATIVITY TEAM. It is an evangelical arm of the ministry which specialises her evangelical operations via artistic medium. By this we are set to use whatever medium of theatre art, music, dance, mimic (for both evangelical and prophetical ministration) and through whatever means of creativity inspires by the Holy Spirit.
  1. SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS & CONFERENCES OUTREACHES: With this we are set to dig in deep into the well of wealth into the words of God. By this medium we will preach, teach and establish the kingdom of God via in depth expository of the word of God. We will organise seminars, workshops and conferences with the aim of enlighten, educating people of their need to understand the purpose and plan of God for their lives and the necessary requirement needed to step into their heritage in Christ.
  1. OPERATION SKD: it is an acronym of OPERATION SEEK, KNOW & DO THE WILL OF GOD. It is a prayer oriented medium through which we are set to seek, to know and do the entire reveal will of God without bias or sentiment and to also accomplish our God given task and to establish His purposes in our lives. And also it is a sub unit in the ministry through which we will offer travailing and prevailing prayer to make positive impact in our society, our nation and to also affect the lives of men in this generation.
  1. DVIRTUES & TREASURES: It is the music arm of the ministry whose vision is to bring people to the knowledge of God through worship thereby changing lives. Their role is to lead worshipers into God’s presence and to also specialise in spirit filled music through whatever musical medium to prepare the people of God for divine visitations.
  1. SPARK 2 FLAME OUTREACHES: It is an outreach programme with the aim of igniting and sparking up the passion of the kingdom of God in the heart of men via medium of worship, word and prophecies and specifically targeted at youths and students on campus.
  1. HEAVEN ALSO WEEPS CONFERENCES: It is evangelical & theatrical outreaches in conjunction with DE’ACT with the aim of restoring the backslidden kingdom sons back into the hands of waiting father and creating awareness of heavenly investment over their lives and heavenly expectations over them. By this we will create a medium of reconciliation between the sinners and the waiting master Jesus and also regenerate and restore the backsliders.