Ministry of National Development & Civil Responsibility

(Principle of leadership. Patriotism & Love for fatherland)

This arm of DPartakers deals with viable campaign and advocacy activities towards national development and governance as a whole. It will endear us to focus on diverse channels towards orientating and sensitizing the citizens of this country such as follows below:

  • Teaching people their civil responsibility towards the nation/Govt by paying taxes and adhering to the rules of law, Patriotism, and loyalty.
  • Establishment of pressure groups, policies campaign & advocacy.
  • Campaign for Call for Patriotism, Civil Responsibility
  • Lawyers and legal aids teaching people about their rights and privileges
  • Study why nations fail? Historical Background of development, Biographies of great nation builders, World leaders, etc.
  • Preparing people for leadership
  • Politics and Community Service

Excerpt from our FAQ: 

Qtn: Are we politically or governance conscious within our territorial inheritance?*

Ans: Yes!  As much as we believe to establish the will of God in all spheres of life, we also believe this does not exempt us from being politically vibrant or speak truth to power as divinely permitted and instructed as it may require from time to time. 

We believe through politics is one of the major ways the destiny of a nation is shaped and this we cannot afford to leave in the hand of evil agents of the devil who are described in Ephesians 6:12, 2Cor 10:3-6, Rev 12:7-12.

Qtn: Are we to serve as a pressure group to influence social policies in our governance space?*

Ans: Yes!  As it morally requires and demanded to take the lead to positively affect our social space from time to time. An arm of our ministry shall serve as this to advocate for such. 

Qtn:  Are we to get involved in social responsibility?*

Ans: Every Operating Business organization gives back to the society where they operate so also we believe to give back to our society in whatever capacity to influence them positively to have a positive impact on the nation as a whole. 

Qtn: Are we involved in economic activities to generate operational overhead?*

Ans: DPartakers have an economic arm that will be involved in economic activities that will serve as a platform to generate funds for the day to day operation of the enterprise. 

Qtn: Will the arm pay tax to the govt?*

Ans: Yes! As long as we believe the kingdom of God will run the wealth of this world, we must not be scared to compete in the world of entrepreneurs and set examples as economic activities are carried out with pure ethical standards and kingdom principles.