The vision of the ministry was born out of a strong passion and quest to fulfill the divine purpose of God over my life. Sometimes in July 2002, I had a night vision which impacted a great burden of divine call upon my life and beside this particular vision, there are a lot of divine discoveries through prayers, in-depth study of the word of God and a very strong fellowship with the Holy Spirit which actually pointed my life’s direction to the ministry which God has called me to fulfill.

Despite all of these I still probed further to prove and confirm this divine call as to be convinced and assured that I was not been overzealous and misdirected. And as the year goes by God used several ways, means, people, messages, divine ideas, decisions, dreams, visions, trances and prophecies to convinced me and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I am not been misdirected rather my destiny is in His hand who has placed this clarion call over my life and until I yield to this truth, I may not be fulfilled in life rather I will be mediocre on the face of the earth. And in view of this, this great ministry was birthed.