AUDACITY OF SONSHIP…… Never a timid son!

Audacity of SONSHIP.....

Audacity of SONSHIP                           

He walked straight into his father’s inner chamber, ignored all protocols, and raised his head straight! He was so Bold & AUDACIOUS! He only wanted to see his father and not the king of the nation. The king is the one that rules in the affairs of men but the father who embraces his children in his inner chamber. And not many of the sons who gallivant around these days understand this secret. They are sons without understanding their identity perhaps the egocentric nature of their years of adoption has eluded them and they are fast becoming bastards. Always timid and very fearful sometimes to the detriment of the knowledge of him they claim to be their father. And most times very bureaucratic, critical, and judgmental just to make it simple to come into the presence of their father. They wanted to prove to the whole world they know how to speak the language of the palace and terminology to cajole the angels running the affairs of the palace but not the fatherhood relationship in the king thereby the spirit of sonship eludes them. In their ignorance, they keep their father at a distance with their sanctimonious behavior thereby indirectly denying themselves of their heir-ship and inheritance. Many would observe protocols to enter into the king’s presence but not sons. Sons have direct access without a protocol. One thing is paramount with them…They are FREE always in the spirit! They have no need of observing long bureaucratic methods to either communicate or relating with their father because those courtesies are in the royal blood and inherent in them. They enter in and out of their father’s presence while many of us have different perspectives of God which form the basics of our relationship with him. Yes, admitted he is a king! No doubt nor controversies even the devil believes and trembles but whom he is to you determines what attention and how quickly you would get what your heart desires. The sons have the audacity, they are bold to enter into their father’s presence anyhow without any restrictions or protocols. And devil tries hard to keep this truth away from you or rather makes you ignorant to perpetually keeps you in the bondage of servitude and leave you with slavery mentality. Know this, an heir as long as he is a child, he is not different from being a slave who would remain under the tutelage of the regents. When you remain a child, who refuses to grow as sons you would remain under the guidance and tutelage of regents who would not hand over your inheritance to you in time. The prodigal son stormed into his father’s chambers and requested his inheritance because he was much aware of his status i.e. his sonship status not like his brothers who just kept working and serving as a slave though he is also a son but with slavery mentality. He was in the palace of his father but unfortunately, he sees his father as a distant king, and as long as you see him like that you would also relate to him like a distant guest or personality. With this mentality comes the saying in the bible that says …. I have seen evil on the earth!! Slaves riding on horses and sons walking barefooted. The writer called it Evil! Which therefore means it is a taboo! It is called abomination! 

it’s time to rise and have a change of mentality just as the prodigal son did… He said I will arise and go to my father!

You will be amazed to see the father has been waiting for you to come into his presence as a son that you are! 

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