30 Years Extra ( Freed But Shackled!)

30 Years Extra…

The Children of Israel spent 430 years in the land of Egypt instead of 400 years which was spoken by God. Why 30 years extra? Sometimes the people of God seem to settle for the crumbs of stagnation or delay than the pain of price for freedom! In their 30 years, they weren’t conscious of the prophecy of God because the reigning pharaoh was in favour with them. He loved Joseph, he provided a dwelling place for his brethren named Goshen. The political system and all policies were in their favour so they concluded why would we have to leave the strange land when the land favour us. Many people today have forgotten the encounter that brought them to where they are because the land seems green not knowing the place isn’t a place of rest yet. They seem comfortable with that place of work, career and relationship and forget the place is simply a passing phase to get to where God has promised because there would arise another pharaoh who will not know your Joseph again. There would arise another boss or management that would change the system or rules of the game. Or another govt or political dynasty that will utter the current laws that suit your business before now or another famine in the land that will drive you into a corner if you refuse to activate the promise of God before the expiry date. The children of Israel must have forgotten nor worked towards achieving the prophecy of God which he gave to their Partriachs until reality dawned on them and then 30 years has gone… The enemy has completed his strategy to attack because I don’t want to believe that the new pharaoh didn’t know Joseph rather he chose not to recognize Joseph and his achievements, he refused to accept his antecedent out of pure hatred or jealousy for the prosperity of the Hebrews in the strange land. His moves against them must have been premeditatedly hidden in his heart that when I take the throne I will deal with them. Don’t wait till enemy attack you before you activate the prophecies of God over your life and ministry. Don’t wait till you overstay your welcome before you channel a new path for your career, or family. As the year is going to an end, a project to run ahead to take the land of promise before you physically enter. Before Moses came to the scene, the new pharaoh has dealt brutally with the Hebrews. He has murdered their children, he has reduced the straw and made them laboured under harsh conditions. Because none of their elders takes to heart what the prophecy God has said to their forefathers. Rather they were enjoying all the accolades of the late pharaoh. Who knows you are in the season of your 30 years extra! Things seem very calm and cool no sign of anything uproar at the corner yet… Friends activate that promise of God, that encounter you have had before now or the divine winds that brought you to where you are now. It’s time to move, where you are isn’t a place of rest yet…

To be continued…

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