When ROYALTY Beckons….


When Royalty Beckons…

Many have been sharing divergent views of the actress whose life and entire career took a 360 degree turn as a result of a marital engagement of royal prince. One of such dignified personality who happens to be someone with royal blood in the British monarchical family and as such every aspect of life is entirely different from day to day life of an ordinary English man on the street of England. Thereby all eyes are on him watching every steps he takes and how he lives his life becomes so important as they are also critics and fault finders waiting to snatch every opportunity to dent the royal image to their own selfish end.

So therefore the royal family are very keen about who their offspring marries either male or female as to preserve the bloodline that would be added to the royal family as to protect the long aged tradition of the throne.

So with her engagement to this prince the whole world went wild, some of criticism on the qualifications of the actress, some went to dig her past just to disqualify her unfit into the royal family while many congratulated her and also sympathize with her on the burdens that comes with marrying into a royal family of great Britain.

For this lucky actress she attested to the fact that her entire life focus and career would be changed as to now deeply concentrate on what the life of royalty demands. Her whole life, career, status and social circle changes by the reason of royal beckoning to her in marital relationship. 

Friends have we been able to synchronize or liken this happening as a theatrics format to provoke a deep thought from the beneath of our hearts on how true it is for us in reality to juxtapose our call to a royal family of God as also a beckoning to chance every aspect of our lives in 360 degree view.

We have been called by the king of kings, the call which most of all are unworthy of but his grace and mercy says no, washes us from all our infirmities and presenting us as new bride to himself.

This is how I found this story, it is a story of us playing out the present day reality reminding us that a royal call to everyone of us is a call with a 360 degree change from all aspect of our lives, change of values, career,  social status and many more.

The Bible concluded the children of Issachar were men who had the understanding of time and also know what Israel ought to do in such a time like this. So he is also speaking to us with trend in this present time to also learn from the happenings around us one of such is the trending issues of this prince Henry of the royal throne of England and this humble actress from a Hollywood background.

I believe we all have understanding of the sacrifices it requires from us when such a royal call beckons to us for a better life and I pray May we not be found wanting when such a call is placed to us in Jesus name.


I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade ‘ADEGBESAN

(Tishbite as he is fondly called is the host of the TONGUE of the LEARNED and publisher of the PEN of the LEARNED. He is burdened to establish the kingdom of God in every area of men’s lives. He is a Mediavangelist, preacher and a prophet! A social critic of moral decadence in all strata of lives and believe in spiritual transformation for national development. He runs a Para-ministry outreach known as DPartakers Kingdom that is positioned to establish the kingdom of God first in the heart of men then in every area of their lives.

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