UNDAUNTED FAITH….Faith of our fathers!!

Faith of our fathers..


Acting out your faith in God

Undaunted faith that secures your soul in eternity! Not Faith of give me, give me oh Lord!  It is a faith that will die for what it believes. That holds a conviction! it must be gingered and born out of love and passion for God. A faith that says ” Even he slays me yet will I wait for him till my change come… For I know my Redeemer liveth” (Job 13:15, 14:14, 19:25)

A faith that says ” oh king!  We are not careful to answer you in this matter but be it known unto you, even if our God whom we serve refuses to save us we WILL NOT BOW!  (Daniel 3:16-18)

The faith that throws caution in the wind,  that is set ablaze by love and jealous of anything that ridicules their love or belief in God. It is the faith of our fathers! 

A faith that refuses to say No in the face of the opposition,  it is born out of the heart of love for God. 

Faith that received dead back to life,  that is satisfied to die in hope even if he does not see what was promised yet believed. Faith that refuses the report of men and stands alone with God fully persuaded that one with God is with the majority!  (Hebrews 11:16-17, 33, 35, 39-40)

Faith that walks on the waters of life neglecting all dangerous consideration but believes in whom has beckoned to step out on the sea. If you are not willing to step out of the boat you cannot walk on the water.  
Jesus walked on the water even peter was courageous enough to step out and he also walked too but the distance they walked was different because faith is in levels.  If he had looked unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith he would have walked passed him and that was why Jesus said ” Greater things shall ye do because greater accomplishment is meant for greater faith!  When you are willing to step out of the comfort boat of men, you will definitely walk upon the stormy seas of life. Storms of life only respond to the command of those who have faith enough to command it to stop. Those who understand the supernatural rules the natural.

Faith that staggered not! it is firmly rooted in the RHEMA of the word given in the secret place of prayer and intimacy with the Lord. It is born out of secret adoration of worshipping him. Where the love of the world is been traded for the love and passion for the Kingdom of God. An altar where humanity is swallowed up and the divinity becomes the order of the day. Where men are turned to gods!  If He says “Wait here, nothing can move you! Firmly rooted in his ability to fulfill his word. His personality is undoubtedly unshakable! He is neither a man that should lie nor the son of man that should repent. Repentance is meant for men, not for God!  He is unchangeable!  He is an unchangeable changer that changes the unchangeable circumstances of men. He changeth not! Has he said it? Will he not do it? 

According to the time of life, he performs all that he says!  He told Abraham in you shall all the family of the earth be blessed.Sarah will deliver a man’s son to you! If Sarah likes it or not, dead or alive, she must deliver the promised child. Both dead and the living hear him. He has the ability to bring dead back to life or even create what that has never existed before. So Sarah has no hidden place or excuse for menopause.

Romans 9:9 “..For this is the word of promise, At this time will I come, and Sara shall have a son.

Abraham believed in the person of God and the capability of his ability to do what he has said.  Many today promise but lack both in capacity and capability to bring to pass what they had promised. He believed so much in him who spoke to him. He was over convinced both in his head and heart!  He walked in the consciousness of the promise and for once in a day he never staggers, not at the promise nor at the person of God rather he was giving praises to him every minute and second!  He was eulogizing God for who is he and for what he has promised to do. He so much believed that menopause can never stop Sarah to produce.  Even if she likes, let her die and be buried before the promise but according to the time of life, the dead would vomit the child of promise. She would raise and deliver that which heaven had sanctioned. (Romans 4:3,17-22). Mortality would be compelled by immortality to deliver that which the immortal God desires.

As a matter of fact, perhaps that was the reason Abraham even stay longer and aged than the Sarah whom after delivery and some years couldn’t stay much on earth but Abraham shared more divinity even on earth still fathering more children after the death of his first love. 
He was rooted and convinced in whom he heard. He so believed death cannot stop the divine promises of God, even death itself will work out the promises of God when the time of life comes. Even in death, the promises of Almighty still spring back to life because none of his immutable words will fall to the ground.

This also propelled Abraham to even obeyed the more, to kill his promised child believing that even in death Isaac will jack back to life and continue his lineage. To him who has collected the key of death, to him death means nothing, as a matter of fact, death is the beginning of life with him. He so much believed in God and this formed a basis for righteousness in him.

For the Bible recorded he walked with God. He heard God perfectly and acted on what he heard. Because many do not hear therefore they do not act. Perhaps if they hear, they would act!  Your actions are mostly prompted by what you hear. Because what you become is a result of what you believe and what you believe is as a result of what you hear and what you hear is dependent on the source you hear from.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing what?  The Bible says “…hearing the word of God.  You cannot be hearing negative word daily and produces a positive result. You are what you hear!  Be attentive to what you want to be in the word of God. Not the world news or the world of news! Abraham believed God by what he heard him say to him always and he acted on what he heard God said to him. You cannot believe God for fruits of the womb at the same time be the first carrier of the news on social media on how many barren women the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a conference for in Switzerland to test run the new discovery of men on barrenness. You cannot believe God for successful marital destiny while you also keep listening to those that championing the course of divorce against the will of God. You cannot be believing God for greatness and success but all the news you hear and read daily are of people who failed in life and never made it. Does that mean people cannot fail? NO!  Failure is the beginning of success!  Refuse to believe the report of men and limit yourself to the inadequacies of men. Believing God for a new level step out in faith!  It means match corresponding actions with what you have believed God for.

The Bible says Abraham did not consider the deadness of his body… Seems you don’t understand? Holy Spirit opened my understanding that Abraham never seized to make love to Sarah nor consider his physical strength every day and night, in the bush when they were alone,  on the bed,  in the kitchen, in fact, he was acting on the fact that children are conceived through lovemaking and since God had promised, he believed and also playing his part while God would fulfill what he had promised. He didn’t consider his erection nor his age at all times. Father Abraham was always ready!

Believe God as your only life depends on it and also act on what you believe as your entire life also depends on it. You are the connection between your faith in God and your works on earth. That’s why the Bible calls it good works. It means anything you do in line with your destiny to fulfill your God-ordained purposes for your life either in the long or short run. It is attached to your Faith in God. It will give you life! That’s why the Bible says “…the just will live by faith… That is to say, the just are those who hear divine order of God and proceed to carry out the corresponding action to fulfill that which were told them and in achieving that aims, their livelihood is secured on earth and their soul is also secured in eternity.

So it’s your time to manifest, it’s your time to act out that dream and vision God has revealed to you. It is your time to demonstrate that faith which is known as the faith of our fathers.

Stay on top always.

I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade ‘ADEGBESAN

(Tishbite as he is fondly called is the host of the TONGUE of the LEARNED and publisher of the PEN of the LEARNED. He is burdened to establish the kingdom of God in every area of men’s lives. He is a Mediavangelist, preacher and a prophet! A social critic of moral decadence in all strata of lives and believe in spiritual transformation for national development. He runs a Para-ministry outreach known as DPartakers Kingdom that is positioned to establish the kingdom of God first in the heart of men then in every area of their lives.

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  1. Mona says:

    We have often seen faith as a key material for receiving from God and not to give back to God.

    In fact, most Christian only think about how to receive, and berely think that God also wants to receive our worship and obedience.

    This article gives a balanced perspective of faith. Thank you for a refreshing read.

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