Noo..You won’t die, God forbid!_ Peter exclaimed in a commanding tone face to face with Jesus after a long conversation which the disciples had with the Master while he was telling them how he would be humiliated, beaten and finally nailed to the cross. But Peter could not hold his defiant emotions standing tall with every nerves on his neck declaring.. “Master you wont die”. In fact quoting the scriptures ” Thou shall not die but live and declare the works of God…” and this made him sounded faith filled and sanctimonious but not deeply understanding the earlier whispers he heard in the deepest part of his heart was that of an unseen deceiver who always whisper to many of us. Though those whispers many at times sounds so good, innocent and even harmless but not God’s will hence we dive into the deceptive ocean of the enemy with false assurance even with a back up scripture to juxtapose our claim and in so doing we miss his will for our lives. As a matter of fact, Peter voiced the opinions of many of the disciples because he was the bold one among them. But to their amazement… _*Get thee behind me! Satan!*_Jesus screamed. His voice vibrated echoed deeply into the subconsciousness of every vacuum available, overshadowed Peter’s own and immediately everything around went silent of course when Master speaks both animate and inanimate objects must be in silent rendering obeisance. His eyes became red, his body gestures changed why? Because he was addressing the enemy within and not Peter nor any of disciples. He was sensitive enough to sense the voice of the evil one and to sharply rebuke. Peter was amazed and sad why would he call him _”Satan” he muttered_ but unknown to him the Master identified not only the voice of the enemy but also the most silent whispers of the evil one.

So also we must all be sensitive to decode not only the whispers of the enemy but also the silent dictates, gestures, tune, actions no matter how simple, innocent and harmless they may seem or look, we must decode them and simply rebuke them just the way the Master did. Don’t forget sometimes the enemy may come or speak through our closest allies,colleagues, family members even with a backup scripture to deceive us but our pre – knowledge of what the will of GOD is in that particular situation would guide us.

Have a great week and remember enemy hangs around everywhere.

You won’t be his victim rather Victor in Christ in Jesus name.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is awesome, thank you Lord for making us more conquerors. May the Lord increase your anointing Sir.

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