The SUPERNATURAL Lifestyle….. Living in the world of reality!!

Supernatural Lifestyle…….


THE SUPERNATURAL LIFESTYLE ….living in the world of reality!!

One of the most important discoveries in the journey of life is to call yourself whom God has called you not what or who the world or enemy says you are. Living in the reality of who you are is a result of discovery of what God has said or written about you. There is a prophecy that has gone ahead of you. That is why the Bible says..

Hebrews 10:7 (KJV)  Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.

There is a script in the volume of books that has been written about your life to do the will of GOD and guess what, no matter how pathetic your situation may look right now it will definitely end in praise because it is written ” For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jer 29:11. There are thoughts of God for you in every aspect of your life. No matter what you are going through these are impressions God has about you and nothing will change it. He has you in mind, he designed your life and wrote the script and also set the stage for you to act out what he has written about you by being the major character he has designed you to be.

There is a world called the kingdom of God. It is a way of life. I mean it is a lifestyle not patterned according to this world. This world is not real, it is temporal because it is a world we can see but the world we cannot see is much more real, it is the real world. For you to live in that real world, you must be the real being God has designed you to be. Take your consciousness off this fake and temporal world, and live in the unseen world of the supernatural. It is the world where God exists. As a matter of fact, many people may think you are not normal but it depends on the knowledge you have acquired about it. You must always remind yourself that this is not your real world rather, the world of the supernatural. Since that world is supernatural, then you need to consciously live there by demonstrating its lifestyle here on earth. It is called kingdom lifestyle. You would have to learn consciously how to talk, act, behave and think. It is also called a faith lifestyle. You act what you believe. You call those things which were not as though they were. You don’t talk the way the world does. Your words are so pivotal in corresponding to what you believe. There is a way you see things not as the world see. The enemy surrounded prophet Elisha’s house. His servant came out and saw many of them with bows and arrows and he ran quickly to call his master in fear. His master prayed to God to open his eyes. Truly, he was not blind NO!  But there is something he was not seeing, there is a world his master sees which he was not seeing, there is a lifestyle his master lives he wasn’t living hence, God had to opened his understanding, his consciousness and awareness of the presence of the host of heaven readily available to destroy the enemy. There is a world Jesus was living in and was conscious of, when he was in the flesh and many times, he would say “my kingdom is not of this world” . What he was saying was that there is a world He belongs to which does not operate like this. There is something I know which I also want you to know but you do not know! it is called the world of the supernatural. It is living heaven on earth. That heaven where the accuser of the brethren had been sent out from. There are two worlds you can live in. You can either live heaven on earth meaning living in the consciousness or reality of victory which heaven had over the devil before he was disgraced and sent to the earth or you can continue to live with the consciousness of the world where the devil exists and he is fighting battles with you. The first one is living to appropriate the victory which heaven had through the lamb of God. The Bible says “they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimonies not loving their lives even onto death” that is to say you are living in the victorious consciousness that was achieved through the host of heaven over our arc enemy. Though he lost the battle up there yet he proceeded to  war with the remnant children of God. But all children of God must come to deeply internalized the victory of God over the devil. Even Jesus came as well to appropriate that same victory over him on the cross so also we must consciously appropriate the victory of Christ over him. The Bible says “having destroyed the principalities and powers he made an open show of them” meaning he disgraced the power of the enemy publicly . You must pray. “God help me to appropriate these victory in every area of my life. Help my believe system to simply believe all what you have accomplished for me and act it at anytime. Open my eyes of understanding to see truly how everything lay bare. Strengthen me not to fall as a prey of the enemy”. 
The enemy wants you to believe in lies and that lies thrives on what you can see physically or feel with any of your five senses. He wants you to talk in agreement to what is happening around you. And the moment you talk in agreement with him he is empowered to make it happen so also if you talk in line of what you hope to see irrespective of what is happening around you, you would also see what you declared. _The essence of the Bible is to create our world with the secrets we can derive there_ . It is for us to believe in the ability of what God has done or what he is doing or what he would do. If we live in the consciousness of the ability of God, he will do it for us as long as we confess what we believe in our heart. That is the same principle we applied when we came to Christ as being born again, the Bible says “unto heart the man believes and with the mouth confession is made” . We believe, then we confess. We are new in Christ and now born again. So the Bible says “we believe then we have spoken” . Speak what you believe, confess what you hope for not what is happening around you. Confess abundance in this recession, confess life in the face of death, confess love in the face of hatred, confess longlife etc. The Bible says “speak that you may be justified” . What do you want heaven to justify from your word today start declaring it. Give no place to the devil, give no territory of your life to him anymore, contend with your word of victory and reclaim the stolen territories he has taken from you. That is living in the reality of the word of God. That is living heaven on earth, that is the kingdom lifestyle we have been talking about, that is the faith filled life we are saying. It is much more real than the challenges you are going through. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding that you might be able to appropriate this new lifestyle. It is not spontaneous it is gradual and consistent while you are learning. Infact the enemy would rush at you to make you believe what is happening. Let me tell you this ;even in your strong believe, time may go and seem you have lost don’t loose faith hold tight. Mary Lazarus’ sister thought that since Jesus could not make it down in their own calculated time, since Jesus could not make it during the time Lazarus was sick before he finally died then there was nothing Jesus could do. But that was the lie of the enemy. Jesus Christ knew all these and kept calm and said this is to the glory of God. That is to say when that dimension of challenge occur in your life, the bigger glory of God is about to be unleashed in your life. All you need do is to pray that God uphold your faith and trust in him. Jesus finally came and raised Lazarus even after four days which he has been buried and stinking. No matter how unredeemable a situation may look God can restore it to the original state. He can turn around any hopeless situation into a new beginning. This is a dimension of our God. Then I have this to say God is all we need to have all our needs met. He is the king reigning in the reality world. Refuse the lies of the enemy, counter his thoughts with the word of God and go ahead and declare what God says in his Word and in no time his Word would be established. Go and live in the real world of Victory.


I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade’ ADEGBESAN
(Preacher, Prophet & Publisher)

(Tishbite as he is fondly called is the host of the TONGUE of the LEARNED and publisher of the PEN of the LEARNED. He is burdened to establish the kingdom of God in every areas of men’s lives. He is a preacher, prophet and publisher. A social critic of moral decadence in all strata of lives and believe in spiritual transformation for national development. He runs a para ministry outreach known as DPartakers Kingdom that is positioned to establish the kingdom of God first in the heart of men then in every areas of their lives. 

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