The PHAREZ Generation…No Hold Bars!!

The PHAREZ Generation….. No Hold bars!!!

”Genesis 38:27-29 (KJV) And it came to pass in the time of her travail, that, behold, twins were in her womb.
And it came to pass, when she travailed, that the one put out his hand: and the midwife took and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying, This came out first.And it came to pass, as he drew back his hand, that, behold, his brother came out: and she said, How hast thou broken forth? this breach be upon thee: therefore his name was called Pharez.”



The plan of God for Tamar was to bring forth PHAREZ just as you are destined to bring forth the purpose of God even if it may means bringing forth what has never existed before.

God would do anything possible for you to bring forth something so unique and a masterpiece and he would also watch to actualize it. He doesn’t mind to commit what seems like abomination in human custom and traditions to bring it forth or to accomplish his plan. 

The bible says God killed Er for being wicked though the bible was not explicit on what he did or committed for being adjudged wicked but he was sentenced to death. He is KING of kings..He rules in the affairs of men! Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity and whose spirit there is no guile (Psalm 32:2) but woe unto him who is found guilty and whose spirit is wickedness found. Er was found guilty of being wicked before him hence he was killed.

After the death of Er, God still wanted the PHAREZ generation to be birthed and this time around he stirred up Judah to push for Onan to marry Tamar in other to birth this plan of God PHAREZ!
Onan felt the seed would not be accorded to him so he devised a withdrawal method. This was also found as wickedness in fact more wicked and also an act of deception before men and God. If he had rejected to marry Tamar or peradventure made his refusal known,perhaps he may not be forced and he would have been seen as a sincere person but he didn’t do that rather he accepted to marry her and resolved to use withdrawal method to prevent her from conceiving or getting pregnant which was the ultimate agenda of God.
For this cause, God slew him too! Note on this reason God is ready to kill to bring forth PHAREZ. Tamar must bring forth PHAREZ and no matter what, God needed the bloodline of Judah for this purpose.

“…Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable! If Judah had known the mind of God perhaps he would have been guided.”

Judah stylishly sent Tamar away and also scammed her by saying when the last born grows he would father a child with Tamar. i degree may God not give up on you till he fulfills his plan upon your destiny in Jesus name. God wanted Tamar to bring forth PHAREZ and whatever it takes he would get it done. No matter the pain no matter the lost PHAREZ must show forth. Tamar would have been stigmatized, nicknamed as husband murderer. If it is in our African setting no man would want to marry her again because many would have believed there is a curse on her life or in her family lineage thereby all intended suitors would pass her by. Years upon years even imagine the shame was so much that Judah scammed her with the last born and she had no choice than to settle for less I pray you wont settle for anything less than the best of God for your life.

God will work out his plans no matter what. He rules in the affairs of men. You may think he has forgotten you just like the way Tamar might have thought he has forgotten her.

On this note, Judah’s wife died too perhaps if she had not died Judah may not have considered visiting the red corner. Hmmm! The greatest architect was working behind the scene to bring to past his plan. Can you imagine, Er was adjudged being wicked, he was killed. Onan deceived and refused to father PHAREZ, he was killed too. Judah refused to give Shela to Tamar to father PHAREZ and he paid with his wife life which made  him vulnerable to seek the red corner option while Shela was exempted because he knew nothing of all these conspiracies and asides that he was not of age. 

Perhaps if God had told Judah to go into Tamar by himself he would have refused based on the father and daughter in law concern, but God is a God who Will break traditions and laws to bring his purpose to past. He would defy traditions and rules to achieve his aim. This time Judah himself must run errands for Almighty God. His bloodline must come from his loins by himself and as the head of the clan of Judah he must deliver the message by himself…. What a humorous God!!! 


To be continue…. watch out for Part 2


I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade ‘ADEGBESAN

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