THE CHURCH IN DARKNESS…. When light refuses to shine


In Him was life and the life was the light of men. Light is very essential to the very existence of humanity. All what light represent are good. Light represent goodness, knowledge that allows man to ride on ignorance, that leads to national development funny enough light also represent electricity here in Nigeria. While darkness is synonymous to everything evil, bad, underdeveloped and many more. Even in our dear national life, lack of light I mean substantial electricity had been a bane of our national development which has drastically relegated us to be undeveloped among committee of nations. In fact darkness is not just a new phenomena it’s been from the inception before earth was created. It was the very first bane God himself had to challenge to conquer before he could successfully overcame and establish this beautiful earth. 

That gives us an insight if God the creator of heaven and earth needed light to establish his desired world how much more we as a nation or individual think we would not need light to establish our desired world. Darkness can come in any form to attack anyone be it as individual, family or as a nation. There are forces of darkness here and there that represents diverse challenges which different nations of the earth are combating. But in our own nation. darkness had thrives in the area of political leadership, governance, corruption and moral decadence which also the religious bodies have contributed their own quota to even destroy more while church in particular had been playing a dormant roles in aiding and abetting culprits of all these crime against our nation. In fact churches overlook or turn a blind eye to rebuke these unscrupulous thieves who have looted our treasury. Darkness is the absence of light and wherever darkness thrives all forms of chaos are bound to exist. As a matter of fact what we are experiencing today in this nation is as a result of the absence of light. Light in this focus could represent knowledge, revelations that propel revolution. Darkness thrives in every nook and cranny of our dear nation most especially in the govt terrain. 
Many politicians and govt officials have become extreme diabolical and invisible witch doctor as many have different shrines and altars on whose innocent blood are shed daily. As a matter of fact almost all religious bodies are not left out.
Churches in particular have become an hidden coven of works of darkness. Many have lost focus and their bellies have become their gods. Church that suppose to be the platform for which the nation derive moral virtues, the institution that suppose to epitomize godly disposition and conscience have become part of arm that also wreck havoc on the nation via lack of focus and unbridled appetite for wealth accumulation.
No wonder the Bible says judgement would start from the house of GOD!
Statistically, almost everyone have one spiritual authority or the other whom he or she submits to. Infact many of our politicians have one spiritual head or the other whom they seek for prosperity, progress, favour, protection and fortifications. Some it’s Alfas or sheikhs, some it’s Native doctors while some their spiritual leaders are pastors and prophets who suppose to provide guidance as well to serve as checks for them but because of their greed they overlook the heart of the matter and pursue the matter of their bellies.
Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach so says the Bible.
Many visions have been eroded with personal greed and immediate gratification. When the church which suppose to be the light of the world thrives in self destructive ignorance and celebrate greed and idiocy what do you expect of that nation to become. 
As a matter of fact, the sphere of influence of the church cannot be underestimated because church  suppose to be the spiritual compass for the nation and perform the task of providing insight and moral guidance for the national leadership but when they are found wanting hence the rot we are experiencing today in all aspect of our national lives. 
Many schools have abandoned the moral virtues which our fore fathers hold dear when growing up rather moral decadence had been the order of the day in all aspect of our endeavors. In fact when you get to some churches you would have to silently remind yourself you are not in a club or comedian shows. Some have become indirect business schools and management platforms where only principles of leadership and success are taught without the personality of Holy Spirit needed for genuine transformation and inner repentance that will lead to revolution of characters and minds.
Many of our pastors are charismatic without corresponding characters. Church that suppose to beem with godly light in all areas of lives now become the dungeon where darkness thrives. 
What is Church? Church should not be the building where many jingoism and spiritual Gymnastics are going on. Church is a body or group of people or family where one fellowship and relate since the Bible says we should not forget the assembly of brethren. 
The early church were group of apostles and members of their society who shared same belief and they were catering for the needs of others while their daily worship, prayers and word admonition were so significantly obvious in their characters till when they were tagged Christians in Antioch.
But these days if someone says I am a Christian you must have to call the customer care line of heaven to affirm the authenticity of that claim because many proclaimed Christians today are the professional crime lovers, cheaters, looters and hypocrites. In fact many steal from Paul to pay Peter meaning many of them we know steal from govt or corporate organisations and come for thanksgiving in church even paying the tithe of what they stole. Many do not rob with arms but with pen In fact some have re-branded their fraudster tendencies. Many atrocities are on going even in the so called big churches today while the vision and mission of their calling are been rotten day by day. When Christ said Go ye to disciple all nations meaning through the discipline of virtues in our lives many lives and characters would be molded but reverse are the case. Church had turned many to become born against rather than becoming born again through the Spirit.
Church is part of the institution that suppose to build a nation because through the involvement in nation building they also shape citizens views and believes which in turn will govern their characters. 
Since church are to make positive impact in our society, the church leaders should re-position and re-brand many of self righteous and greed Centre messages and call a spade a spade. Spit fire and rebuke looters, speak against oppression and bad leadership, motivate people under their influence to make special impacts on every area of endeavors and stop celebrating the enemies of our nation’s by giving them special seats and treatment if these can be done there would not be an hiding place for them. The church should make these people uncomfortable  because it is better to listen to the rebuke of the wise than songs of fools.
Let church come out boldly and take her place and speak against all oppression in the land and also rebuke their members who are part of the looters in the nation and I believe other religious bodies will also follow suit because no religion that teaches oppression of fellow human beings, stealing or lack of moral virtues.
But the church must take the lead and champion a revolution against any person, govt, bodies or cabals who have through their greed held this great nation to ransom and create a bottle neck problems for us all. Check these looters who steal our national resources are either Christians or Muslims and if not at most a traditional believer or even atheist, they all have one thing in common which is their greed and selfish interest and with that they always celebrate their unity together while they use religion, tribal sentiment and others to create division among people most especially during election period. 
All people irrespective of their religious beliefs, tribe or geographical location should come out join forces together and speak against oppression in the land of which I expect the church to take the vanguard position. 
When churches become a true light to the nation that is when they would serve as eagle’s eyes to our leaders and they would provide clear spiritual guidance for the leaders in governance.
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Tishegunfunmi Ade’Adebowale.
(Tishbite as he is fondly called remains the publisher of the PEN of the LEARNED and host of the TONGUE of the LEARNED.)

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