Locating the RIGHT PERSON & PLACE in destiny…

Locating the Right Person & place in destiny

Locating the RIGHT PERSON & Place in destiny….



1 Kings 17:8-9, Luke 4:26

The ministry of Elijah came more to prominence today because of the widow of Zarephath though many widows were in Israel as at then but he was only sent to the widow of Zarephath. His ministry would have been a wasted effort trying to meet all the needs of the widows in Israel. It is not in much or many activities rather in a precise target which heaven has ordained for your lifting or success. The only widow ordained by heaven was the widow of Zarephath not widows of Jerusalem or widows of Canaan but specifically of Zarephath.

There was a specific instruction as to the description of person and the location. Heaven will locate you and send the right person to you in Jesus name. So heaven has a specific place for your breakthrough, success and fulfillment. Not in much work or much struggles but in connection to a specific person and location. The person signify those who are desperately in need of what you carry, they are your audience! People who will appreciate your callings, gifts, products or services more while the place is where you are ordained to carry out your assignment. A destined place of manifestation! These people are waiting for you in that place and until you locate these two major factors in your destiny, success will still be farfetched.

 So pray “Lord deliver me from struggles or unproductive activities as to locate my ordained place and connect me to the right people I need to meet to fulfill my destiny or to breakthrough in life..”

 I am not interested in doing many things but just one thing heaven had ordained for my life that will vibrate into eternity.

 Jesus said one thing is needful! Not many things! (Luke 10:40-42) There is an action of a man that would vibrate into the eternity. Mary Magdalene didn’t pray so much neither did she fast for 40 days and nights, she only gave out her alabaster oil to rub Jesus feet and wiped it with her hair and Jesus said wherever Gospel is preached her deed would also be mentioned. (Matthew 26:7-13)

It was divine timing because no one was able to embalm Jesus again as a tradition requires in Jewish time because Mary had poured oil on him. Many lepers were in Israel but the only one who added affluence and greatness to the ministry of Elisha was Naaman (2Kings 5:1-20)

There is a person or an event or an occasion that would commensurate the greatness of God in your life and that should be your important focus not all activities.

Oh! Lord by your providence guide me to that person and place or to that occasion or event that would bring about the fulfillment of my God ordained destiny in Jesus name…”

 Rebecca name wasn’t mentioned again after she played her heaven ordained role in the Bible. Her name was not part of the hall of fame only because she married Isaac and gave birth to Jacob and Esau rather because of the ordained role she played in the plan of God.

When she was pregnant the babies were struggling in her belly, she asked God why was the disturbance and God told her there were two nations inside her and that the elder shall serve the younger, Esau have I hate Jacob have I loved.  (Gen 25:22-23, Roman 9:13)

At that point she understood the intention of heaven and also understood no matter what, her motherly sentiments would not set in to override the intention of heaven when opportunity to activate the plans of God arrives. She has two choices! She can either follow the human and Jewish traditions of the first born to receive all the fatherly blessings or to ignore all sentiments and act in synchronization with the heavenly intentions. Why? Because she had the fore knowledge of the intention of God regarding who was qualified to receive the divine blessing not according to the dictates of customs and traditions. Heaven needed someone to play the role of who will hasten Jacob to outsmart his brother to get the blessings. Indeed heaven rules in the affairs of men!

 That was the role ordained for Rebecca mother of Jacob and Esau, the wife of Isaac.  She had been sensitive to her roles in the plans of God because she has formed the habit of eavesdropping Isaac conversation with Esau severally no doubt she was quick to outsmart the first born at the appropriate time. She wasn’t sentimental she helped Jacob to prepare the best of delicacies worthy enough to provoke a divine blessing from his father.  Of cause she was someone who has been familiar with the Isaac appetites for so long; she knows what to cook to receive heart felt blessings. She had been there!

 I want to believe she would have been using different delicacies to obtain several favors from Isaac for a long period of time. She was trained all her life with Isaac to play a single role of assisting the elected of God to receive the needed divine unction to move to the next phase of his life. Someone somewhere is ordained to play that role in your life! Whatever it would cost you would meet the person at the right place and time till your destiny shall play out miraculously in Jesus name.

Isaac himself could not reverse what had been ordained from the inception! He could not undo it for at that moment he understood the intention of heaven. The bible says “He trembled very exceedingly… (Gen 27:33-35).He knew God had outsmarted him to beat his inner sentiment for his first born! It dawned on him God had beaten him hands down he had no other option than to console and encourage his first born to accept the leftover blessing and to adjust and align with the plans of heaven.

Take this…You would beat your enemy to it and be the first to achieve greatness in every areas of lives in Jesus name.

I prophesy Heaven will connect you to that person or event or occasion that will launch you forth into your God ordained destiny, greatness, blessings, breakthroughs and testimonies in Jesus name. Amen.

Stay blessed and on top always.


I remain Tishegunfunmi Ade ‘ADEGBESAN

(Mediavangelist, Preacher & Prophet)

(Tishbite as he is fondly called is the host of the TONGUE of the LEARNED and publisher of the PEN of the LEARNED. He is burdened to establish the kingdom of God in every area of men’s lives. He is a Mediavangelist, preacher and a prophet! A social critic of moral decadence in all strata of lives and believe in spiritual transformation for national development. He runs a Para-ministry outreach known as DPartakers Kingdom that is positioned to establish the kingdom of God first in the heart of men then in every area of their lives.

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