DESTINIES IN MANGERS (Power to birth your God given destiny!)

D e s t i n i e s  i n  M A N G E R!


The bible says in luke2:6, And so it was, that while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

And she brought forth her first born! The pregnancy of Jesus was a purpose of God for her life and she brought forth the baby. Every destiny of God for your life is like a pregnancy that is needed to be brought forth or to be delivered and to manifest but one way or the other, these destinies, purposes, dreams for our lives are being wrapped up in the swaddling clothes and laid in a manger that is to say they are hindered by one condition or circumstances or by economic situation of the country or by family background or by educational limitation or by a lot of factors militating against it or even by the kingdom of darkness warring tirelessly against it saying it would not see the light of the day hence, the purpose of God could not be birth.

The bible says…… The baby Jesus was wrapped up in a swaddling clothes (luke2: 7) laid in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.
Every dream of God for your life shall be birthed in Jesus name. Every vision of God for your life wrapped up in the corner of a manger in your room, your city, or your family shall be birthed.

Manger is not a conducive place for birthing a glorious baby. It is a dirty place, a smelling place, a stinking place, a place of inconvenience where there is no comfort; hear what the bible says…..laid him in a manger because there was no room for them.

There shall be a city, a country for you to birth your God given dream. There shall be opportunity for you to birth your God given purpose in Jesus name. The room the bible was talking about represents a place of comfort to give birth, an opportunity needed or a help required. As mighty as Jesus purpose was, there was no room for him to be delivered. Lack of room for manifestation might be a result of your lack of help, lack of education, lack of good background or everything that places limitation on your destiny. I break every limitation placed on your life, your family, your job, your career, your marriage, your health, your finances in Jesus name. And that is why you will see people who are gifted but lack places to manifest or people to help them or the opportunity to display. This shall not be your portion in Jesus name.

Every baby is welcome with joy and rejoicing, but if care is not taken, that baby can end up miserable or his destiny been marred. Every man born into this world represents a new purpose of God being born, but many are not aware of this, many died without realizing this, many were limited by one thing or the other to fulfill it or many were beaten down by the kingdom of darkness thereby Gods investment over them are wasted and not profitable.

But I believe that a divine encounter shall locate you and that which is of God shall be birthed in every sphere of your lives in Jesus name.

Look at what happened! Jesus was born, no announcement, and no room to birth him except in the manger but it took divine intervention from God for people who needed his salvation to know his location and be aware of it. It took heaven to send angels to announce his arrival. Heaven will also announce you; heaven will direct your path to where you are needed in Jesus name. Heaven will touch someone’s heart in Jesus name.

If Jesus were not announced by angels, the shepherds and the people who needed his salvation may not be aware of whom he was and what he has brought. The angels announce his good tidings, told them his location and described how he was wrapped in swaddling clothes as not to mistake his identity. What an awesome God! Heaven would give your specific location and identity to your helpers and men that would help your vision or safe you from calamity or rescue your marriage or business in Jesus name.

Men will locate you despite your limitation in Jesus name. Heaven will give a vivid description of where you would be discovered in Jesus name. You shall be discovered even in your deepest level. No matter where you may be, no matter whom God will use to rescue you, God will do it.

The glory hidden in your life shall be located, shall be discovered, and shall be manifested. A lot of gifted men, men of purpose are dying because there is no man to help; there is no divine intervention, cry to God today for divine intervention. The bible says; pray that God should send labourers into the harvest. The labourers are the vessels heaven had prepared for your rescue from your predicaments, they are whom heaven will send help through, and God shall come to your rescue in Jesus name. they are the agent of heaven through which the purpose of God are fulfilled or established. They are in different forms! Sometimes it could be an event you need to change your life, some could be men that would be needed some could be an occasion but all these are there to work out the purpose of God in your life.

Luke 2:15, when the angels made known the incidence to the shepherds – the shepherds are the people taking care of the sheep –they take care of sheep and provide and nourish sheep. Pray this prayer, oh lord!, let the shepherd of my God given dream, vision, purpose, locate me irrespective of any limitation I may be experiencing in Jesus name. But the shepherd will not locate you until the heavens intervene for you. Oh lord! Let my shepherds locate me in the manger of the world where I am. When the angel announced to the shepherd, the shepherd located the baby – Luke 2:15b. It was God who made known Jesus to them. Lord, make me known to my helper, to the man or woman whom you will use for my help, my lifting, and my transformation. Oh lord! Transform me by your hand to where I will be located by my helper or situation where my helper, my shepherds will locate me. The bible said they came with haste, and found Mary and Joseph and the baby in the manger. Oh lord! Let the people you have destined for the birth of my destiny find me. Anywhere they may be, either the east, west, south, or north, oh lord, let them locate me. People through whom my destiny shall be birthed and known abroad.

The shepherd located Mary and Joseph and the baby in the manger. They were willing to come into the stinking place, where cows and sheeps were excreting, they are people who could go extra mile, people of courage, people with determination, people who understand your background, people who were already familiar with cow and sheep excretes, they know how to thread the manger path without matching the excrete or places they had been too. they understand the terrain of animal habitations! They are people of integrity and people with whom the world listens to when they confirm information. Oh lord! Send them to me. God will not send them to you until you recognize your need of them and that you have purpose with which heaven will invest those resources upon then God will send his shepherds, his labourers. These people shall locate you in the name of Jesus.

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